About Chin Bone

Chin Bone Technique Corp. was founded on October 13th, 2009. This company is spin-off from the Orthopaedic Device Research Center of National Yang-Ming University. The main founder, Prof. Cheng-Kung Cheng translated his research results to US FDA 510(k) successfully, and then he decided to spin-off a company from ODRC for productization. Also, Chin-Bone will keep cooperating with National Yang-Ming University to establish a long-term relationship integrating academia into industry.

The goal of Chin-Bone is focus on the products of trauma fixation for osteoporosis and soft tissue repair implant. The main service of Chin-Bone includes clinical translational research, orthopaedic product design, and biomechanical testing of orthopaedic/dental implant.

Chin-Bone’s Principles

Innovation (efficiency)

Base on the scientific foundation, we continually develop new techniques and products to provide our customers more additional services.

Reliability (safeness)

With possessing the risk management on product design, development, and testing service, we become a reliable partner to our customers.